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Kaya Sarıbeyoğlu

You are now reading the September 2019 issue of the Turkish Journal of Surgery. We are happy to publish distinguished studies and case reports within the pages of the issue. Although the studies are prominently on visceral surgery, there are also very remarkable papers from other disciplines of the surgery.

Trauma is a worldwide medical problematic affecting predominantly healthy and young individuals. It is especially a prominent health issue in Turkey. Güldoğan et al. are presenting in this issue their large experience on burn patients in Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital (1). Their study focuses particularly on the factors and predictors of mortality on major burns. I hope that you will find the results of this very interesting study interesting and helpful. It is clear that we have still much to do and analyze in this particular type of trauma.

Furthermore you may read another fascinating study of Rubinz et al., which comes from Georgetown University, Washington, USA (2). Transplantation medicine is a highly dynamic subject and there are growing numbers of patients in this multidisciplinary field. Kidney transplantation is the commonest operation in transplantation surgery. The authors of this interesting study present their experience of a modified technique of transplant nephrectomy, which is a morbid operation with potential complications. Through this technique better results were reported in regards to postoperative complications. We are hoping that these suggestions will be helpful for those who deal with kidney transplantation surgery.

Let me just suggest you to enjoy reading all the studies and case reports in this issue, which are based on great efforts and expertise.

You are always more than welcome to share with our journal your experience by submitting your work.

Best regards,
Kaya Sarıbeyoğlu
Professor of Surgery
Turkish Journal of Surgery


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  2. Rubinz R, Andaçoğlu OM, Anderson E, Corder W, Michaelson E, Moore J, Cooper M, Ghasemian S. Transplant nephrectomy with peri- toneal window: Georgetown University institution experience. Turk J Surg 2019;35:191-5.