Turkish Journal of Surgery

Turkish Journal of Surgery

ISSN: 2564-6850
e-ISSN: 2564-7032


Prof. Mustafa ŞAHİN


As the family of Turkish Surgical Journal, we are happy to complete our 33rd year successfully.

We are sure of that we will publish next issues more hopefully and more ambitiously with the supports of Turkish Surgical Association, which is one of the biggest professional organizations in our country, and with the close interests of our valuable colleagues.

With the contributions of a great number of qualified articles that have been submitted by you in the last one year, a serious increase has occurred in the readability and citation rate of our journal. Our main goal within this period is to be scanned by international indices.

Last year, we made some innovations. First of all, we accomplished to publish our journal completely in English. Besides that, we provided the submitted articles to be assessed quickly and the process to be completed as soon as possible. Our journal is periodically published four times a year and we paid strict attention to publish them on time. In the following issues, we will continuously improve the quality of our journal by working meticulously. This is the first issue of the 34th volume and it includes a wide review that examines the problem of disejaculation, which is a rare complication of hernia surgery. Moreover, it includes 3 articles about hernias and studies on the other areas of surgery.

I would like to request you to submit your high-quality clinical and experimental studies to our journal and to refer the articles published in our journal in your other studies published in other journals.

Hoping a future better than today, I wish you healthy and happy days.

Wish you success in your studies.

Prof. Mustafa ŞAHİN
Editor in chief