Turkish Journal of Surgery

Turkish Journal of Surgery

ISSN: 2564-6850
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Oktay Banlı1, Hasan Altun1, Rojbin Karakoyun1, Hatice Özdoğan2, Kadriye Kahveci2, Burak Çakmak2

1SB Ankara Etlik İhtisas Hastanesi Genel Cerrahi Kliniği, Ankara
2SB Ankara Etlik İhtisas Hastanesi Anestezi Kliniği, Ankara


Purpose: Our aim in this study was to present the results of our first 100 cases that have undergone laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery.

Materials and Methods: One hundred patients underwent adjustable laparoscopic gastric band surgery between February 2006 and April 2008 and the data of patients including age, gender, operation time, complication rate, excess weight loss at 6, 12, 18 months analyzed retrospectively.

Results: Eighty-three (83%) of 100 patients were female, 17 (17%) were male and mean age was 36. Ninety-eight patients were operated by laparoscopic technique and 2 patients converted to open surgery. Mean body mass index was 44 kg/m2 (37-61). Mean operation time was 46 minutes and mean hospital stay was 1.8 days. Early postoperative complications developed in 4 patients. Band slippage occurred in 5 patients and port problems occurred in 7 patients as late postoperative complications. One postoperative death occurred due to pulmonary embolism. Calculated excess weight loses were 25.8 %, 46.3 % and 66 % at 6, 12, 18 months, respectively.

Conclusion: When literature and our study were evaluated, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding can be safely performed because of its features like short operation time, low complication rate, good tolerability, short learning period and satisfactory weight loss ratio.

Keywords: Morbid obesity, laparoscopic surgery, gastric banding, band slippage