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Tamer Şimşek, Ömer Faik Ersoy, Zeki Özsoy , Erdinç Yenidoğan, Hüseyin Ayhan Kayaoğlu, Namık Özkan, Mustafa Şahin

Department of General Surgery, Gaziosmanpaşa University School of Medicine, Tokat, Turkey


Objective: We aimed to investigate the effect of 10 mg/kg sildenafil on the structure and function of the liver in a rat model of obstructive jaundice.
Material and Methods: Sixty-two male Wistar albino rats were distributed into six different groups. Obstructive jaundice was performed by legating the common bile duct. 10 mg/kg sildenafil citrate in drinking water was delivered orally after the operation before sacrificing them. Rats were sacrificed either after 10 or 28 days according to the study design. The blood and tissue samples from the liver were obtained to perform a biochemical and histopathological analysis to study functional and structural changes in the liver.
Results: At the 10th day, there was no difference between the sildenafil-treated and control groups with regard to the aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase levels (p=0.423, p=0.661). The alkaline phosphatase total bilirubin levels among the groups were statistically different (p<0.001). At the 28th day, liver function tests except alanine aminotransferase showed significant differences among the groups (p<0.001). Liver function tests did not changed significantly between the 10th and 28th day in sildenafil-treated rats (p>0.05). Significant differences were observed among the groups with regard to cholestasis, fibrosis, inflammation, and necrosis (p<0.001). However, edema increased in the sildenafil-treated group (p<0.001). On the 28th day, the severity of structural changes in the liver after obstructive jaundice, except edema, reduced significantly (p<0.001). The sildenafil-treated groups at different time points didn’t show any statistical difference in histopathological changes (p>0.05).
Conclusion: Oral administration of 10 mg/kg sildenafil citrate dramatically reverses the biochemical and histopathological liver changes induced by obstructive jaundice in rats.

Keywords: Sildenafil citrate, liver, obstructive jaundice, rats

Cite this paper as: Şimşek T, Ersoy ÖF, Özsoy Z, Yenidoğan E, Kayaoğlu HA, Özkan N, et al. Effect of sildenafil citrate on the liver structure and function in obstructive jaundice: An experimental study. Turk J Surg 2018; 34: 111-116.
This study was presented at the “XVI. Annual Meeting of the European Society”, 22–24 November, 2012, İstanbul, Turkey.


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