Turkish Journal of Surgery

Turkish Journal of Surgery

ISSN: 2564-6850
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Özge Korkmaz, Sabahattin Göksel, Hilal Özlü, Öcal Berkan

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine, Sivas, Turkey


The symptoms and examination findings of masses that are located in the neck region can mimic each other. Although conventional radiological methods are useful for diagnosis, the distinction between carotid body tumors and papillary thyroid cancer may be challenging. In order to eliminate this situation that may lead to technical problems during surgery, the differential diagnosis must be made carefully. The definitive diagnostic method is pathological evaluation of the excised lesion. Herein, a patient with papillary thyroid cancer mimicking carotid body tumor is presented along with the literature.

Keywords: Carotid body tumor, papillary thyroid carcinoma, imitation, differential diagnosis


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