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Turkish Journal of Surgery

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Sedat Belli1, Turgut Noyan1, Fazilet Kayaselçuk2, Gürcan Erbay3

1Department of General Surgery, Başkent University Faculty of Medicine, Adana, Turkey
2Department of Pathology, Başkent University Faculty of Medicine, Adana, Turkey
3Department of Radiology, Başkent University Faculty of Medicine, Adana, Turkey


Gastric duplication cysts (GDC) lined by pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium (PCCE) are uncommon lesions stemming from a foregut developmental malformation. The clinical and radiological diagnosis is usually difficult. Definitive diagnosis can be established by histopathological examination. In this study, we report a rare case of a perigastric mass that was operated on; after treatment, it was reported as a bronchogenic cyst. Microscopically, the gastric cyst was lined by PCCE. Although rare, GDC lined by PCCE should be included in the differential diagnosis of gastric wall masses. Surgical intervention is permitted in patients who have clinical symptoms.

Keywords: Gastric duplication cyst, bronchogenic cyst, foregut, pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium


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Study concept and design - S.B., T.N., F.K.; Acquisition of data - S.B., T.N., F.K., G.E.; Analysis and interpretation of data - S.B., T.N., F.K., G.E.; Preparation of the manuscript - S.B., F.K., G.E.

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