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Turkish Journal of Surgery

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İsmail Zihni1, Oktay Karaköse1, Kazım Çağlar Özçelik1, Hüseyin Pülat1, Ali Duran2

1Division of Surgical Oncology, Süleyman Demirel University Faculty of Medicine, Isparta, Turkey
2Clinic of General Surgery, Kızıltepe State Hospital, Mardin, Turkey

Keywords: Surgery, stomach, foreign body, endoscopy


Although it is mostly observed in childhood, swallowing foreign bodies causes morbidity and mortality of a high percentage in the adult age group. Swallowed foreign bodies can be both harmless as well as life-threatening. The number, shape, size, and time of the swallowed foreign body to get deposited in the specific location determines the type of treatment. Late diagnosis and treatment is an important problem that causes perforation and obstruction. In this article, we presented a 39-year-old male patient who swallowed his denture while sleeping.

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Concept - İ.Z., O.K., K.Ç.Ö.; Design - İ.Z., K.Ç.Ö., H.P.; Supervision - İ.Z., O.K., H.P., A.D.; Materials - O.K., H.P., A.D.; Data Collection and/or Processing - İ.Z., K.Ç.Ö., H.P.; Analysis and/or Interpretation - İ.Z., K.Ç.Ö.; Literature Review - O.K., H.P., A.D.; Writer - İ.Z.; Critical Review - H.P., A.D.

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