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Turkish Journal of Surgery

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Ramazan Gündoğdu1, Erhan Ayhan2, Tahsin Çolak3

Keywords: Epidermal cyst, cervix cancer, incision line metastasis


Epidermal cysts are cystic tumors lined with keratinized squamous layer and filled with keratin debris. Epidermal cysts may develop by implantation of surface epidermal layer into the dermis or subcutaneous tissue after trauma or surgical procedures. Cervix cancer spreads either directly or via the vascular and lymphatic systems. Distant skin metastasis of endometrium or cervix cancer is very rare. In this case report, a patient who had a history of cervix cancer operation 11 years ago and presented with a mass that mimicked incision line metastasis and was histopathologically diagnosed with epidermal cyst is presented.

Cite this paper as: Gündoğdu R, Ayhan E, Çolak T. Epidermal cyst mimicking incision line metastasis. Turk J Surg 2017; 33(2): 133-134

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